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There’s nothing worse than your electricity cutting out at night and not knowing how to resolve it fast.


Trust that your electrics are safe and not prone to accidents.

Fully Equipped

We carry all the necessary equipment and tools for efficient installation and repairs.

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Our Service Standards

Established in 2008, our team of skilled domestic and commercial electricians are qualified to undertake almost any kind of electrical work.

Anything from general installation and repairs to testing and regular maintenance, we can do it all.

Repair Works

house rewiring project

Electrical Wiring

home renovation rewiring

Electrical Renovation

circuit breaker servicing

Circuit Breaker Services

Repair Works

emergency electrical assistance

Emergency Repair

power repair home

Electrical Repair

power trip inspection

Power Trip Repair

Installation Services

spotlight installation

Light Installation

power socket installation

Power Point Installation

rocker switch installation

Light Switch Installation

Our Partners

schneider electric
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