Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair

electrical repair services

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Electrical Repair Services

It’s never a good idea to handle electrical repairs on your own unless you have the necessary knowledge and experience. Whether there is a power outage or a blown bulb, we have the knowledge to help with any immediate electrical work that is needed in your house.

In all areas of Singapore, we have electricians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, who can often react to an electrical emergency within 45 minutes.

No matter how urgent the situation, we’ll always make sure that any necessary remedial work is properly estimated and approved by you before beginning. Our electricians wear shoe covers, utilise dust covers when necessary, and make sure to properly clean up when work is finished in order to minimise disruption to your house.

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How We Can Help

When you contact, the first thing we’ll do is find out how quickly you need any repair work done. We’ll send one of our electricians to the location right away if the defect poses an immediate risk to your safety, such as a sparking fuse box that might catch fire. However, if all you want to do is fix a broken plug outlet, you might not require emergency help as much. In either case, we will always work with your schedule.

Power Cuts

Even in the best of circumstances, a power outage can be frustrating, but it may also be a sign that something is wrong with the electrical system in your house. In some cases, all it takes is a flick of the appropriate switch in your fuse box, but if you’re not sure what’s wrong or would rather avoid the risk, hiring a pro is always the best course of action. If a speedy fix is not possible, our electricians will be able to identify the issue and escalate it to your electrical provider.

Flickering Lights

Your lights may not be going on and off, buzzing, or flickering because the wattage is off. Alternately, the bulb and switch may not be connected properly. If changing the bulb doesn’t work, we will be able to identify the underlying issue and restore the brightness to your lights.

Electrical Device Arcing

If a switch or wall socket emits an odd, fishy smell, it may be an indication that the circuit connection to the item has been destroyed, a condition known as “arcing.” A fire may erupt when this occurs because the electricity will leap to complete the circuit. We can respond quickly in such situations because we provide round-the-clock coverage.

Preventative Maintenance

Repairing or replacing any outdated or damaged wiring before a problem emerges is one approach to keep your electricity functioning properly. You can benefit from having one of our certified professionals evaluate your home or facility if you reside there or work there. If damaged wiring is not adequately repaired, a fire hazard that could occur at any time exists. Additionally, you might be wasting energy, which would cost you money and compromise the functionality of your equipment. We have a skilled crew that focuses on troubleshooting, remodelling, rewiring, and inspection. We can locate significant or minor problems, make repairs, and install any required parts, improving productivity and possibly saving you money and hassle.

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Our Safety Commitment

The safety of our customers is our top priority. To make sure that any electrical installations in your home adhere to the necessary safety regulations, we will take the time to perform a complimentary electrical safety test with each callout. Our electricians have a responsibility to alert you to anything that could endanger your personal safety, such as exposed wire or an overheated fuse, and to provide advice on possible remedies so you can make an educated choice.

Even while a flickering light or stray spark may not seem alarming, any irregularity in your electrical system might be a sign of a significant safety problem. When you notice a problem with your electric system, you must act right away. Waiting until regular business hours to handle a situation could result in worse problems or even major disaster.

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